National & International Honours and Awards

Many players have gained representative honours – England internationals Billy West in 1913/14 and Edgar Milward in 1933-35 (both goalkeepers) and J MacMinn played for Scotland.

Although never receiving international honours, Fred Wagner has a very special record – at the time of his retirement he had scored the most goals in a playing career by any hockey player.  In 36 seasons playing from 1923/24 to 1959/60 he scored 1834 goals in 1239 appearances for Beeston, Notts and Notts Casuals.

In 2016, at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, David Ames, Adam Dixon, Mark Gleghorne and Harry Martin represented the Great Britain Men’s squad. Former Beeston players were also selected: George Pinner; Sam Ward; Michael Hoare; Shona McCallin and Hollie Webb. The Great Britain Ladies’ team won a Gold Medal, with Hollie Webb scoring the winning goal in the final.

In 2015 Adam Dixon;David Ames; Harry Martin: Sam  Ward; Tim Whiteman; Ollie Willars and Ben Arnold all played for England and Great Britain.

Gordon McIntyre played for Scotland and Great Britain.

Tom Barratt and Mo Ghandi played for the USA.

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Ellie Watton; Adam Dixon; Harry Martin and Ollie Willars represented England; Gordon McIntyre and Gareth Hall (Scotland) and Phoebe Richards (Pictured – Wales).

In 2013/14 Adam Dixon, Harry Martin, George Pinner, Ben Arnold, Ollie Willars and Tim Whiteman represented England in India in the FIH World League (George Pinner being voted goalkeeper of the Tournament.

Ellie Watton and Suzy Petty played for GB in a 3 day Test Match series in Germany.

At the World Championships held in The Netherlands in June 2014 Adam Dixon, Harry Martin and Tim Whiteman and George Pinner all played for GB and again represented England in the London Cup competition.

Mo Ghandi appeared for USA.

In 2013 Ben Arnold, Adam Dixon, Harry Martin, George Pinner, Tim Whiteman and Ollie Willars were contracted for the England Training Squad.

Adam Dixon also Captained England.

Ellie Walton and Hollie Webb were selected for England Ladies in S. Africa.

In November 2012 Ben Arnold, Adam Dixon, Simon Egerton, Michael Hoare, Harry Martin, George Pinner and Ollie Willars represented Engand at the Super 9s and Champions Trophy Tournament in Australia.

Simon Downer represented England at the 2012 Masters over 40s International tournament (they won, beating both Germany and Australia). Amjad Zia played in the same tournament for the USA.

In 2011 Ali Wilson, Adam Dixon and George Pinner all represented England and GB in various pre-Olympic tournaments and in 2012 all three were selected for the Olympic training squad with Ali Wilson and George Pinner making the final Olympic selection.

Adam Dixon and George Pinner played for the England  Mens  Indoor Team and Hollie Webb played for the England Womens Indoor team.

In August 2009 Ali Wilson and Adam Dixon won European Gold Medals playing for England and in 2010 both represented England at the Commonwealth Games in India.

In 2006 Alistair Wilson represented England in the World Cup and David Griffiths (as captain), Ollie Cooper, Zak Jones, Matt Simkin, Ben Rogers and Dominic Graham all represented Wales.  George Pinner and Ali Wilson were selected for Great Britain in 2007 and Ali Wilson represented GB at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  Martin Jones also represented England and GB.  David Griffiths was named National League Player of the Year in 2003 and 2006.

Pakistan Olympic legend, Mohammed Nadeem joined the Bees in 2005 and was instrumental in Beeston’s 1st XI attaining their current level of success.