With the club supporting Movember this month, we asked Fin Butler why he’s getting involved in raising funds and awareness for the charity. Fin has been a Beeston member for 10 years and now plays in the Men’s 2nd team, having progressed through the men’s teams whilst also playing junior hockey through the age groups. Here’s his Movember story:

“Let’s talk Movember and why’s it not only important to me but also to you reading this!

Firstly, I wanted to talk about why it is important to me. I have been very unfortunate to lose two friends to suicide. Two amazing people, gone before they even got to show their true personalities. Both these two were completely out the blue. No warning signs. 

Before this, mental health was only ever something people spoke about in school lessons but when that conversation becomes a reality my whole view on mental health changed. To know someone I laughed with, played sport with, walked alongside, could be suffering so badly and no one even knew. Their loss not only affected those who knew them, but has also changed those people’s awareness to their own mental health. 

I personally have always been one to push things under the rug and keep going, even though I will always tell my friends to talk. The irony is I struggle to talk as well. I have had moments in time where I realised I wasn’t myself and I haven’t been able to express those thoughts, which has put me in a dark place. 

Over the years I truly believe hockey has kept me going though. That may sound a little cliché but it’s not just about the game. It’s about the people, the laughs, the feeling of achievement when you do something well and the buzz you get following a training session or match. I’m very lucky to have stood by numerous players and coached all age groups. Just to know for that hour or two all they think about is the sport we play could help that person more than you could comprehend.

This is why it is important to us at Beeston and for everyone involved in Movember. This stick and ball only becomes a game with the people alongside you. So reach out to them, and to those outside the sport. Make sure they know it is OKAY to not be okay. Movember isn’t just about physical health but also our mental health. Don’t forget mental health doesn’t discriminate regardless of gender or age!”

Click the link below and you can also help us raising funds and awareness. Simply donate or join the Beeston Hockey Club Movember Team to start raising funds of your own.