Beeston Hockey Club will be live on TV from 22nd September

But how do I watch?

Just like last season, you can watch the games online from this page, when we’re live, you’ll be able to click play.

Apple TV

This is where it gets exciting. You can watch the Men’s and Ladies’ Premier League games on TV.

Apple TV is a set-top box which plugs into your TV. You can buy an Apple TV by visiting the Apple website.

Once you have the Apple TV, visit the App Store on the TV, and search for ‘Bee TV’.


Amazon Fire TV

This isn’t quite ready yet, but as soon as it is, we’ll update this page.


What if I forget when you’re on TV?

No problem, fill out this form and we’ll remind you.

  • I confirm that the number I have entered is my own. I agree that Beeston HC may send me SMS messages with reminders of the Men's and Ladies' 1st XI matches. I may opt out of these messages at any time by texting 46QLPSTOP to 60777.