To all vice-presidents, sponsors, supporters, coaches, managers, captains, umpires, drivers, parents and players – A huge thank you to everyone throughout the club for your effort in making the club successful.

Our Club Volunteers

Patron Michael Rowen
President Ian Sutton
Vice Presidents List of Vice Presidents
Chairman Graham Griffiths
Deputy Chairman David Griffiths
Director Martin Keeling
Treasurer Adam Milsom
Director Phillippa O’Neill
Company Secretary David Griffiths
Club Secretary Julian Bond
Social Media
and Website
David Griffiths
Bee TV Director Cellan Griffiths
Nottingham Hockey
Centre Representitive
Adam Milsom
Welfare & Safeguarding Phillippa O’Neill
COVID Officer Simon Hujwan

Men’s Section Volunteers

First Team Head Coach Gareth Andrew
First Team Coach Stephen Wood
First Team Manager Graham Griffiths
First Team
Assistant coach
James McBlane
GK Coach
& Video Analyst
Gareth Ikin
2nd team coach
2nd team manager Kay Bond
Club coaches Mike Browbank and Steve Musson
Club Goalkeeper Coach Gareth Ikin
Men’s fixtures secretary Adam Milsom
Men’s chair of selection Simeon Green
1st XI captain Gareth Griffiths
2nd XI captain David Bond
3rd XI captain Michael Browbank
4th XI captain Chris Pink
5th XI manager Mike Dickinson
6th XI captain Ed Bligh
7th XI captain Adam Borrie
8th XI captain Rudi Vizma
9th XI captain Richard Butler
10th XI captain
Mixed captains Simeon Green and Nikki Todd
Training Manager Mike Dickinson
Masters Captain Simon Downer

Ladies’ Section Volunteers

First Team Head coach James Sordillo
First Team Manager Zoe Hainsworth
First Team
Assistant Coaches
GK Coach
& Video Analyst
Gareth Ikin
2nd team coach Jake Read
2nd team manager Jan Lloyd
3rd team coach Rob Johnstone
Club coaches Sophie Robinson, Nic Moss, Sam Tratt & Cam Beazley Clarke
Ladies fixtures secretary Jo Illingworth
Ladies chair of selection Nikki Todd
1st XI captain Lauren Burrell
2nd XI captain
3rd XI captain Natalie Bowman
4th XI captain Camilla Johnson
5th XI captain Emma Self
6th XI captain Jo Illingworth
7th XI captain Gabi Rosario
Mixed captains Nikki Todd & Simeon Green
Umpire Manager

Junior Section Volunteers

U18 Boys Head Coach Mike Browbank
U18 Boys Manager Jo Browbank

U18 Girls Head Coach

Lauren Burrell
U18 Girls Manager Zoe Hainsworth
U16 Boys Head Coach Clive Morris
U16 Boys Asst Coach Ben Clarkson
U16 Boys Asst Coach Andy Leonard
U16 Boys Manager Mike Dickinson
U16 Girls Coaches David Bond, Paige Gillott, Lucy Millington
U16 Girls Manager Phillippa O’Neill
U14 Boys Head Coach Jon Painter
U14 Boys Asst Coaches Graham Bentley & Chris Bussell
U14 Boys Manager Claire Bussell
U14 Girls Head Coach Alice Huddlestone
U14 Girls Asst Coach Emily Kilbane
U14 Girls Asst Coach Chris Shield
U14 Girls Manager Stephen Wilson
U12 Boys Head Coach Luke Tunstall
U12 Boys Asst Coach Mike Sutton 
U12 Boys Manager Sam Raybould
U12 Girls Head Coach Anna Hogarth
U12 Girls Manager Rick Ramage
U10 Boys Head Coach Dizzy Leman
U10 Boys Manager
U10 Girls Head Coach Nat Hardwicke
U10s Asst Coach Simon Downer
U10 Girls Manager Nicola Grewcock
U8s Head Coach Emily Kilbane
U6s Manager
Colts Volunteers

Peter Shuttleworth, Gary Steeples, 

Jane Hardwicke, Jennie Ellison, 

Chris Pink

Colts Asst Perf Coach
Colts Asst Perf Coach
U12 Academy Coach
U12 Academy Coach
World Class Players
Gareth Griffiths

Bee TV Volunteers

Director Cellan Griffiths
Commentator Andy Day
Commentator Steve Musson
Camera operator Adam Milsom
Music and social media David Griffiths
Spotter Josh Robinson



Mission Statement

Beeston Hockey Club exists to play hockey for the purposes of recreation, enjoyment and promotion of fitness and well-being for all members of the community.

It is our intention to advance the achievement of excellence from junior to international level and to secure and maintain the position of the Club as a leading member of the hockey family in both the U.K. and Europe.

In order to achieve an ongoing commitment to hockey success at all levels, links with our local community and schools should be developed and sustained.

Beeston Hockey Club is one of the most successful hockey Clubs in the country.