Date Time Opposition Location Score Programme
22/09/18 2:00PM University of Birmingham Home 2-2 D The Buzz (Edition 1)
29/09/18 4:00PM East Grinstead Away 1-2 L
06/10/18 1:45PM Bowdon Away 1-1 D
13/10/18 2:00PM Clifton Robinsons Home 4-3 W The Buzz (Edition 2)
21/10/18 12:00PM Buckingham Away 2-1 W
27/10/18 4:00PM Surbiton Home 1-3 L The Buzz (Edition 3)
03/11/18 2:00PM Slough Home 1-1 D The Buzz (Edition 4)
10/11/18 4:00PM Canterbury Away 3-1 W
17/11/18 2:00PM Holcombe Home 1-3 L The Buzz (Edition 6)
24/11/18 4:00PM Surbiton Away 2-1 W
09/02/19 2:00PM Bowdon Home The Buzz (Edition 7)
16/02/19 2:00PM Holcombe Away
23/02/19 1:00PM Clifton Robinsons Away
02/03/19 12:00PM East Grinstead Home
09/03/19 2:00PM Buckingham Home
16/03/19 12:30PM Slough Away
23/03/19 2:00PM Canterbury Home
30/03/19 2:00PM University of Birmingham Away

Player profiles

1. Nicki Cochrane

Great Britain

Sponsor Nicki this season for £500.

GK. Natalie Robson

Sponsor Natalie this season for £500.

3. Ellie de Heer

Sponsor Ellie this season for £500.

4. Rachel Sharp

Sponsor Rachel this season for £500.

5. Carrie Hanks

Sponsor Carrie this season for £500.

6. Caro Hulme

Sponsor Caro this season for £500.

7. Alice Huddlestone

Sponsor Alice this season for £500.

8. Kathryn Lane

Sponsor Kathryn this season for £500.

9. Lauren Burrell

Sponsored by Hunton Legg.

10. Sophie Robinson

Sponsored by Inchcape.

 11. Rebekah Walker

Sponsored by Medical Investments.

12. Serena Barr

Sponsored by Medical Investments.

13. Rosy Stephens

Sponsored by Bilburn (Properties) Ltd.

14. Charlotte Triggs

Sponsored by The Manor House At Quorn.

15. Bridget Kiddle

Sponsor Bridget this season for £500.

16. Katie McKee

Sponsor Katie this season for £500.

17. Esme Burge

Sponsor Esme this season for £500.

18. Jika Nyirenda

Sponsored by The Manor House At Quorn.

19. Sophie McDowell

Sponsor Sophie this season for £500.

20. Eloise Stenner

Sponsored by Sphere 8.

21. Nina Apoola

Sponsor Nina this season for £500.

22. Georgia Brown

Sponsor Georgia this season for £500.

23. Jess Roe

Sponsored by Sodexo.

24. Issy Davison

Sponsored by Enterprise Property Group

25. Sarah Spooner

Sponsor Sarah this season for £500.

26. Tara Aitchison

Sponsored by Highridgehall Ltd.

27. Lottie Hulme

Sponsor Lottie this season for £500.

29. Bella Fiskin

Sponsored by Fisk.

30. Paige Gillott

Sponsored by Miracle in Progress

31. Lottie Ross

Sponsored by Ross Insurance Group.


Management Group

Colin Clarke

Head Coach

Chris Glover


Phil Rhodes

Assistant Coach

Luke Green

Assistant Manager