Club Kit

Club kit is supplied by Adidas and is available in The Beehive Hockey Shop at Nottingham Hockey Centre.

The shop is open on Saturday’s 1.00pm – 4.00pm and Sundays 9:30am – 12:30pm during the hockey season.

The shop can also be opened outside of these hours, simply ask for David or Graham upstairs in the bar.

Product Price
Men’s home playing shirt £35.00
Ladies home playing shirt £38.00
Youth home playing shirt £25.00
Men’s away playing shirt £35.00
Ladies away playing shirt £38.00
Youth away playing shirt £25.00
Men’s shorts £32.00
Ladies skort £38.00
Youth short £22.00
Men’s tracksuit top £55.00
Ladies tracksuit top £55.00
Youth tracksuit top £45.00
Men’s tracksuit bottoms £50.00
Ladies tracksuit bottoms £50.00
Youth tracksuit bottoms £40.00
Men’s sweatshirts £55.00
Ladies sweatshirts £55.00
Youth sweatshirts £45.00
Goalkeeper smocks £30.00
Home socks £9.00
Away socks £9.00