29 Sep 2018Derby 40 - 7*Beeston 7*14:30StBenedicts
6 Oct 2018*Beeston 7*11 - 0Nottingham Players 417:00Notts HC
13 Oct 2018Blank 6To Be Played:*Beeston 7*
20 Oct 2018*Beeston 7*12 - 1Barton 413:30Notts HC
27 Oct 2018West Bridgford 9To Be Played:*Beeston 7*15.3BecketSch
3 Nov 2018*Beeston 7*To Be Played:Leicester City 112:00Notts HC
10 Nov 2018Blank 7To Be Played:*Beeston 7*
17 Nov 2018Ashby 4To Be Played:*Beeston 7*14:30Ivanhoe
24 Nov 2018*Beeston 7*To Be Played:Loughborough Town 616:30Notts HC
1 Dec 2018Burton 5To Be Played:*Beeston 7*13:00Ellis@Shobnall
12 Jan 2019*Beeston 7*To Be Played:West Bridgford 1016:30Notts HC
19 Jan 2019*Beeston 7*To Be Played:Derby 417:00Notts HC
26 Jan 2019Nottingham Players 4To Be Played:*Beeston 7*17:00NHC Water
2 Feb 2019*Beeston 7*To Be Played:Blank 6
9 Feb 2019Barton 4To Be Played:*Beeston 7*11:30Shobnall
16 Feb 2019*Beeston 7*To Be Played:West Bridgford 915:00Notts HC
23 Feb 2019Leicester City 1To Be Played:*Beeston 7*10:00StMargaret's
2 Mar 2019*Beeston 7*To Be Played:Blank 7
9 Mar 2019*Beeston 7*To Be Played:Ashby 415:00Notts HC
16 Mar 2019Loughborough Town 6To Be Played:*Beeston 7*13:30LboroUniSand
23 Mar 2019*Beeston 7*To Be Played:Burton 515:00Notts HC
30 Mar 2019West Bridgford 10To Be Played:*Beeston 7*
*Data Source:*