29 Sep 2018*Beeston 2**14 Oct 18*University of Birmingham 214Oct18
Notts HC
6 Oct 2018Loughborough Students 2To Be Played:*Beeston 2*
13 Oct 2018*Beeston 2*To Be Played:Edgbaston 112:00Notts HC
20 Oct 2018Warwick 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*13:00WarwickSch
27 Oct 2018*Beeston 2*To Be Played:Worcester 112:00Notts HC
3 Nov 2018North Stafford 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*12:00NULSch
10 Nov 2018*Beeston 2*To Be Played:University of Warwick 114:00Notts HC
17 Nov 2018*Beeston 2*To Be Played:Rugby & East Warwickshire 112:00Notts HC
24 Nov 2018Hampton-in-Arden 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*13:30Shadowbrook
1 Dec 2018*Beeston 2*To Be Played:Sutton Coldfield 114:00Notts HC
12 Jan 2019Northampton Saints 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*
19 Jan 2019University of Birmingham 2To Be Played:*Beeston 2*
26 Jan 2019*Beeston 2*To Be Played:Loughborough Students 214:00Notts HC
2 Feb 2019Edgbaston 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*
9 Feb 2019*Beeston 2*To Be Played:Warwick 112:00Notts HC
16 Feb 2019Worcester 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*12:00 noonUOW
23 Feb 2019*Beeston 2*To Be Played:North Stafford 114:00Notts HC
2 Mar 2019University of Warwick 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*
9 Mar 2019Rugby & East Warwickshire 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*
16 Mar 2019*Beeston 2*To Be Played:Hampton-in-Arden 114:00Notts HC
23 Mar 2019Sutton Coldfield 1To Be Played:*Beeston 2*
30 Mar 2019*Beeston 2*To Be Played:Northampton Saints 114:00Notts HC
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