Christmas Parties at Nottingham Hockey Centre

Christmas Parties AT BEESTON HC

This year’s Best Christmas Party in Nottingham

Dream Circus

Imagine a surreal and magical world where anything can happen…

The Dream Circus, as it was known, is now returning for a night of remarkable curiosity for your enjoyment…

Keep an eye for aerial tightrope walkers, sensational performance, weird and wonderful creatures all within a beautifully lit, sumptuously decorated venue. Enjoy a range of delicious hot and cold canapes whilst relaxing with a drink in the uniquely themed bars.

Indulge in a delicious four course dinner and then after dessert jump on the famously exhilarating dodgems cars, head to the casino or simply dance the night away! 

So join Best Parties Ever for an unforgettable night – Christmas Parties in Nottingham don’t get better than Best Parties Ever!

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