Nottingham Hockey Centre is pleased to announce its plans to upgrade its floodlights to LED technology in response to the rising energy costs in the country. Over the past few months, energy costs incurred by the center have risen by a staggering 500%, with the current floodlights contributing to 40% of that energy consumption.

The current floodlights are 23 years old, and the centre is seeking to upgrade them to state-of-the-art LED floodlights, which use 50% less energy than the old fittings. In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, the centre has applied for a grant from the Nottingham City Council Accelerating the Reduction in Carbon (ARC) initiative.

This project, however, has a shortfall of £50,000. To overcome this, the centre is reaching out to local businesses to “Sponsor a tree” and help raise the necessary funds.

For a sponsorship of £1,000, local businesses and benefactors will be able to have their own tree planted at Nottingham Hockey Centre, with a plaque at the bottom of each tree commemorating their contribution. There will also be photo opportunities and a plaque in the club house.

“We are committed to reducing our energy costs and carbon footprint, and upgrading our floodlights to LED technology is an important step in that direction. We are grateful for the support of local businesses and benefactors in making this project a reality,” said Simon Raine, Commercial Manager at Beeston Hockey Club.

The centre will be planting 50 trees, including 10 Rowen Trees, 10 Crab Apple Trees, 10 Field Maple Trees, 10 Downy Birch, and 10 Aspens.

For more information or to sponsor a tree, please contact Simon Raine at [email protected].