Beeston HC 2-1 University of Nottingham

In a thrilling match between Beeston Hockey Club and the University of Nottingham, it was Beeston who emerged victorious with a 2-1 win.

The first quarter started with a bang as Jamie Golden of Beeston scored a penalty corner goal in the 13th minute to give Beeston the lead. The University of Nottingham fought back hard, but were unable to equalize in the first quarter. The score at the end of the first quarter was Beeston 1 – 0 University of Nottingham.

In the second quarter, the University of Nottingham’s Charlie Axford scored a field goal in the 27th minute to level the score. However, Beeston’s Sam Apoola scored a field goal in the 30th minute to restore Beeston’s lead. The half-time score was Beeston 2 – 1 University of Nottingham.

The third quarter was a tense affair, with both teams looking to score. However, the score remained unchanged, and the third quarter ended with the score still at Beeston 2 – 1 University of Nottingham.

The final quarter was equally tense, with the University of Nottingham pushing hard for an equalizer. However, Beeston’s defense held strong and they were able to secure the win. Joe Paul of Beeston was shown a green card in the 66th minute, but it did not affect the outcome of the match.

Beeston was awarded 4 penalty corners during the match, and converted one of them. The University of Nottingham was not awarded any penalty corners.

The Beeston team put on a great performance, showing excellent skill and teamwork. The University of Nottingham fought hard, but ultimately, Beeston was able to secure the win.

Overall, it was a thrilling match, and the fans were treated to an excellent display of hockey. Beeston will be looking to build on this win and carry the momentum forward into their next match.

Match Highlights