Huge congratulations to the following Beeston members who have been selected to play in the 2021 Futures Cup at St Albans from 25-28 August:
George Hobson, U15 Boys – Mercia Lynx (Non-travelling reserve)
Mitchell Chapman, U17 Boys – Mercia Lynx
Oli Firth, U17 Boys – Mercia Lynx
Andrew Inskip, U17 Boys – Saxons Tigers
Henry Shaw, U17 Boys – Mercia Lynx
Martha Broderick, U17 Girls – Mercia Lynx (Non-travelling reserve)
Leonie Hart, U17 Girls – Saxon Tigers
Tilly O’Brien, U17 Girls – Mercia Lynx
Violet O’Neill, U17 Girls – Mercia Lynx
Immi O’Neill, U17 Girls – Mercia Lynx
We encourage every player, regardless of the selection outcome to remain positive in their outlook and to continue striving toward their goals and aspirations.