Nottingham Hockey Centre have been chosen to host the Men’s and Ladies Over 35 and Over 40 Master Hockey World Cups in 2020.

The competitions will take place from the Saturday 8th – Monday 17th August 2020. Over 60 teams from across the World have entered the competitions and it is anticipated over 1200 participants will take part.
Plans for the event are well underway and so far we have…

  • Secured an exciting retail opportunity for our visitors with a retail village supported by six of national and international sports suppliers.


  • Agreed a merchandise package with World Masters Hockey and will launch a bespoke internet purchasing scheme by the end of this month. Players, officials and spectators will be able to order Nottingham 2020 World Cup merchandise prior to arriving in England.


  • Negotiated the use of an exciting entertainment venue in the city where players will be  entertained with music, food and drinks vouchers during the evening. The venue has been reserved for every night during the tournament and will cater for groups of all sizes.


  • Secured support from Nottingham City Council which will provide discount vouchers for several restaurants in Nottingham City Centre, discounted tram travel and the support of the Mayor and even, Robin Hood himself!


  • Finalised plans to live stream some of the event and in addition, secured support to supply video footage of every game, which will be available to coaches for their own analysis of their games to use with their squads.


  • Scheduled two big week-end outside party events during the tournament for you to socialise and meet other players and officials from around the world.

If you are interested in joining the workforce on the bars and car parking for the event at Nottingham Hockey Centre please contact [email protected]