The 4th meeting for the STICK Project was hosted by the University of Antwerp and KHC Dragons in Belgium on the 18th and 19th February 2019.
During the meeting, the STICK consortium analysed the local dissemination events’ results that took place at each consortium’s country during February. The purpose of these events was to share the project’s first results, explain the academic/hockey exchange pilot programme, and see how it would work with other sports. The dissemination events were attended by representatives from sports clubs, sports governing bodies, and dual career and international relations officers from universities, as well as high dedication student-athletes and their parents. The results from these dissemination events were discussed and collated in order to arrive at a joint conclusion for the benefit of the programme.
The consortium also analysed the selection procedure for the pilot programme and approved the final institutional agreements that will be implemented for the new pilot mobility exchange programme during the upcoming academic year/season with the selected athlete/students. The group also discussed and approved the internal evaluation procedure for the pilot programme in order to monitor all phases of the academic/hockey exchange programme.
To conclude the meeting, the STICK team planned the next steps and actions to be taken for the project and the group began to plan the final stages of the project, including the International Sport Multiplier Event to be held in November 2019 in Brussels. At this event the final project results will be shared with all European stakeholders such as the European policy makers, the European Commission, other Universities, European Sports’ Federations, etc.
The next meeting will be held in Dublin and hosted by Pembroke Wanderers HC and Dublin City University in June 2019.