Ladies 3s
This week the Ladies 3s played Boots 3. Initially with 10 outfield players and a kicking back, the Bees started the game with high intensity, keeping Boots firmly in their own half. The 3s worked fantastically in their two man tackles to turn the ball over and worked well up the pitch as a team. Two fantastic finished from Jenna White & Amy Matharu saw the Beest 2-0 up at half time. In the second half, the Bees began to tire, letting Boots have too much possession and converting an opportunity on goal. However, the continued to battle long enough to find their second wind and two more goals from Jenna White & Georgina Mablethorpe. Amazing team work shown throughout!
Final Score: 4-1 Win
Players of the Match: Jenna White & Georgina Mablethorpe
The Ladies 3s’ second game of the weekend was a cup match against SBU 1. Due to other commitments, the 3s we forced to field an inexperienced side, who weren’t afraid to get stuck in and hold their own. The Bees played well in attack, scoring 3 first half goals and added to the tally in the second half. Some great skill was seen, working the SBU keeper and fantastic reverse goals from Maddie Croft & Phoebe Emmans. Other goals scored by captain Emma Mosscrop & Lauren Taylor. Unfortunately, SBU were able to exploit the Bees defence a few times on the counter and won 5-4.
Final Score: 5-4 Loss
Next Game: 9th December, Away vs Ashfield Aztecs 1 (9:30am pushback)
Ladies 4s
The 4s didn’t have the best start to their game this weekend, going in at half time 4-0 down. However, they regrouped in the second half and kept Manning at bay to finish 5-1.
Final Score: 5-1 Loss
Next Game: 9th December – Away vs North Notts 2 (11am pushback)
Ladies 5s
The Ladies 5s were away this weekend at Boots. Armed with a goal keeping kit, but no willing volunteer, the team opted to play a kicking back instead. In light of this, a three word game plan was implemented- attack, attack, attack. The game started off well for the Bees, keeping possession and moving the ball around. Their efforts were rewarded with a short corner, that was changed to a penalty flick after some discussion between the umpires, after it was deemed the Boots goalie had used the back of her stick. With some encouragement from team manager, Nikki Todd, from the sidelines, Emma Self stepped forward to take the flick, successfully finding the back of the goal. 15 minutes later, it was Boots’ turn to reap the rewards of some penalty action, scoring from a straight strike on a short corner either side of half time. The Bees kept their heads up and carried on with their attacking game plan: keeping possession, passing, tracking back and winning the ball back when lost. Once again, their efforts were rewarded with a short corner to see the scores level once more. Boots were denied a last minute effort on goal by the umpire, allowing the Bees to see the game out to a draw and gain a well deserved point.
Final Score: 2-2 Drawn
Next Game: 9th December – Home vs Boots 4 (12noon pushback)
Ladies 6s
Saturday saw the Ladies 6s in their first game of the weekend, taking on a depleted Trent Vale squad. The Bees used the player advantage to move the ball around and dominate territory, and were soon rewarded with an early goal. Trent Vale, spurred on by going a goal down, fought back hard and soon took the lead, through a combination of some dodgy defending and a great straight strike from a penalty corner. The Bees were not disheartened by this and continued to attack hard before a Trent Vale injury brought a temporary halt to proceedings. Reduced to 9 players for the remainder of the game, Trent Vale parked the bus, making it increasingly difficult for the Beeston girls to find space in the D. Eventually, they found their way through, scoring two well executed goals to bring the score back level.
Final Score: 3-3 Draw
Player of the Match: Charlotte Warman
The second game of the weekend for the 6s involved a trip to Bingham to take on South Notts 1. Again, the Bees pressed hard, dominating both possession and territory and were again rewarded with a goal for their efforts. South Notts were not going to take this lying down, and worked hard to create chances of their own, eventually slipping the ball away under the Beeston keepers foot. At half time, the emphasis was placed on keeping the ball moving in attack, and marking in defence. The second half saw more of the same, with the Bees keeping the ball high up the pitch and working it round trying to find the goal. South Notts continued to counter attack, but the Beeston defence had regrouped to keep them at bay. Late in the second half, with the threat of flicks looming, Alice Logan scored to keep the Ladies 6s in the Shield competition. Bring on the semi-finals!
Final Score: 2-1 Win
Player of the Match: Jo Illingworth & EmJ Ellis
Next Game: 16th December – Home vs West Bridgford 4 (1:30pm pushback)
Ladies 7s
Final Score: 3-0 Loss
Player of the Match: Ceri Whelan
Next Game: 9th December – Away vs South Notts 1 (12noon pushback)