Newsletter – June 2017
Hockey in the Community
The Sunday afternoon mixed league finished in April. Congratulations to Beeston HC who won the league. We will be organising another mixed league from September to December.
The men’s and men’s masters 6 a side summer league is now underway. 12 teams have entered the men’s masters league, the same number as in 2016. A record 24 teams have entered the men’s 6 a side league with several clubs entering 2 or more teams in to the competition. The men’s masters league takes place on Monday evenings and the men’s 6 a side on Tuesday evenings.
The ladies’ summer league is once again being organised by Beeston HC and is due to start on the 21st June on Wednesday evenings.
The men’s 11 a side summer league is due to start in July and will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
A quicksticks afternoon took place in April and a number of local primary schools had the opportunity to play hockey for the first time.
The hockey centre ran a ‘Team Up’ event with Trent Bridge and England Netball on May bank holiday Monday. The event ran from 11am – 2pm and entry was free for all families to come and try out hockey, cricket and netball. The initiative between hockey, cricket and netball was launched by the NGB’s to raise awareness of the three sports who all host the World Cup in their respective sports in England over the next 3 years.
Nottingham Players HC and Beeston HC have organised Back2Hockey sessions in May, June and July. Back2Hockey sessions are fun, social sessions and provide a great opportunity to have a go or get back in to hockey.
Thanks to John O’Brien for organising a level 1 umpires course on June the 4th and an Introduction to Hockey Coaching course which is due to take place on Sunday 25th June.
Beeston HC ladies’ 1st team organised a race night at the hockey centre in March and raise over £900 for the ladies 1st team 2017/18 programme. They are planning another race night to take place next season.
The hockey centre hosted the 1st weekend of the England Hockey promotion and relegation play-off finals in April and the England Hockey In2Hockey schools and clubs national championships in May.
Other events hosted at the hockey centre between April and June include the AOC colleges finals, the Varsity men’s and ladies’ final, civil service men’s and ladies’ tournament, England Hockey performance centre competitions, the men’s County Championships B division group round, as well as the B division and A division finals, the Sikh Union 6’s and the U13 boys divisional festival.
The hockey centre is hosting a junior international 6 nations event in July for U16 and U18 boys. England, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Ireland U16 and U18 boys are all taking place. The event is free to enter and car parking is also free. The schedule for the event is as follows : –

Date Pitch Time  
17/07/2017 1 10:00 Belgium v England U16
17/07/2017 2 11:30 Spain v Ireland U18
17/07/2017 1 13:00 Netherlands v Germany U16
17/07/2017 2 14:30 Netherlands v Germany U18
17/07/2017 1 16:00 Spain v Ireland U16
17/07/2017 2 17:30 Belgium v England U18
18/07/2017 1 10:00 Germany   v   Belgium U18
18/07/2017 2 11:30 Ireland   v   Netherlands U18
18/07/2017 1 13:00 England   v   Spain U16
18/07/2017 2 14:30 Germany   v   Belgium U16
18/07/2017 1 16:00 Ireland   v   Netherlands U16
18/07/2017 2 17:30 England   v   Spain U18
Training Day – No Matches
20/07/2017 1 10:00 Ireland   v   Germany U18
20/07/2017 2 11:30 Belgium   v   Spain U16
20/07/2017 1 13:00 England   v   Netherlands U18
20/07/2017 2 14:30 Ireland   v   Germany U16
20/07/2017 1 16:00 Belgium   v   Spain U18
20/07/2017 2 17:30 England   v   Netherlands U16
Training Day – No Matches
22/07/2017 1 10:00 Netherlands   v   Spain U16
22/07/2017 2 11:30 Germany   v   England U18
22/07/2017 1 13:00 Ireland   v   Belgium U16
22/07/2017 2 14:30 Netherlands   v   Spain U18
22/07/2017 1 16:00 Germany   v   England U16
22/07/2017 2 17:30 Ireland   v   Belgium U18
23/07/2017 1 09:00 Spain v Germany U18
23/07/2017 2 10:30 Spain v Germany U16
23/07/2017 1 11:15 Belgium v Netherlands U16
23/07/2017 2 12:45 Belgium v Netherlands U18
23/07/2017 1 13:30 England v Ireland U16
23/07/2017 2 15:00 England v Ireland U18

Repairs and improvements
The front entrance gates were widened to allow two-way access in to and out of the site in April. The roadway has been re-tarmacked and lined and the gates have been painted gold.
There are a few faults on the irrigation system on pitch 1 where the values are not closing properly and there is a leak on one of the pumps in the garage. The repairs are due to take place towards the end of June.