‘Team of the Year’ – Ladies 2nd XI. Photo c/o Phil Kielthy

The Beeston Hockey Club Annual Dinner took place on Saturday 6th May 2017.

Congratulations to the following award winners:-

Ladies 7th team player of the season – Kelly May

Men’s 6th team player of the season – Ali Miller

Ladies 6th team player of the season – Emily Morris

Men’s 5th team player of the season – Chris Tagg

Ladies 5th team player of the season – Aoife Jones

Men’s 4th team player of the season – Chris Pink

Ladies 4th team player of the season – Fran Moore

Men’s 3rd team player of the season – Harry O’Brien

Ladies 3rd team player of the season – Fran Stonier

Men’s 2nd team player of the season – Matt Proctor

Ladies 2nd team player of the season – Jess Roe

Ladies most improved player – Sophie Atkinson

Men’s most improved player – Toby Stanley

Ladies U15 player of the season – Jenna White

Men’s U15 player of the season – Cameron King

Ladies U19 player of the season – Paige Gilliot

Men’s U19 player of the season – Gareth Griffiths

Most committed umpire – Simeon Green

Upcoming umpire of the year – Dani Moore

‘Mike Begley’ Award for men’s services to the Club – Ali Moore

Award for ladies services to the Club – Sue Moore

Men’s 1st team player of the season – Mo Gandhi

Ladies 1st team player of the season award – Rachel Sharp