Beeston’s Chris Proctor in action for England U21’s against South Africa

BEESTON’S James Albery, Robbie Gleeson, Chris Proctor and Tom Sorsby are all in Lucknow, India representing England U21 men in the Junior World Cup. Our foreign affairs correspondent, managed to catch up with the Bees!
How is your Indian Junior World Cup experience so far?
Chris: Smoggy, naan bread and crazy bus drivers.
Robbie: Interesting to say the least!
Albery: FIFA, poor wifi, curry, more curry and a good start to the tournament.
Sorsby: It’s been very much a cultural learning experience.

Superbee, Tom Sorsby, in control against India

We have heard there have been a few illnesses in the squad and
management group, have any of you Boys been affected?
Chris: A few dodgy stomachs…
Robbie: I’ve spent most of the trip in bed…!
Albery: I’ve not been affected by any ‘Delhi belly’… I’m a serial sanitiser!
Sorsby: I’ve been all good mostly, not been under quarantine like Robbie!
Who are the best players you’ve seen so far at the Junior World Cup and
have you invited them to join Beeston yet?
Chris: There’s a couple of big dogs who went to Rio 2016. If I was a betting man I would say Mandeep Singh from India will get player of the tournament. Not sure we can afford his $80,000 dollar price tag..!
Robbie: The Germans and Dutch have some good players (but they’re not a patch on Jules and Rolf)
Albery: The English captain, James Gall, is quite some player – I will see if I can drag him back to Beeston and away from Midlands Premier League.
Sorsby: There are some big names, I’ve tried my best to begin negotiations.
The stadium looks impressive on the TV, what have the crowds been like?
Chris: Awesome atmosphere and stadium! There must of been 4,000+ at the India game.
Robbie: It’s a great setup and playing India in India in front of a packed crowed was a great spectacle.
Albery: The crowd against India was electric, but nothing on Beeston’s crowd though…! There’s no Harvest Pale on tap either!!
Sorsby: There’s a good number of travelling away fans and their support has been immense. Nothing quite prepares you for playing India in front of a home crowd.

Robbie Gleeson out of bed and hunting down the ball from India

The lads back home are organising a Christmas social when you return
and they want to know which Indian restaurant to book in Nottingham City
Chris: Hahaha!!! I won’t be touching curry for at least a year!
Robbie: I won’t be attending if that’s the case – I’ll be firmly seated in McDonald’s.
Albery: Wherever sells the cheapest Cobra. I’m abstaining from curry though!
Sorsby: The ‘Calcutta Club’ is a personal favourite of mine, you can never have too much curry or too many naans #winterbulk
Full tournament details can be found on the FIH Tournament website.