Mummy’s return! Sophie Glover, Emma King, Katie Teasdale, Ali Watson and Jennie Elison are five of the many ladies members who have returned to play this season following the birth of their children. Photo c/o Phil Kielthy

After the success of the Team GB women this summer winning Olympic Gold, Beeston Hockey Club have been keen to help encourage more women back into playing hockey who may have been inspired by watching the fantastic performance. Alongside the already successful Back-to-Beeston scheme run by the club, Beeston also have pioneered a ‘New Mums’ Membership’ which has proved extremely popular in encouraging some former players back into playing for the club.
Last weekend, the Ladies 3rd XI played a game with five of these ‘Mums’ Members’ all in the same team, and the scheme is having even bigger benefits than the just the obvious fact that more people are participating.
Sophie Glover, who had her son Joseph 9 months ago, told us that the scheme has not only got friends back playing together but it is also really helping bring along some of the junior players within the team. “It has been so enjoyable playing again with some friends who had taken a break from the game to have their children. The ‘Mums’ Membership offer proved to be a real incentive for us all to get back playing again, some of whom may have not been able to given the fact hockey can be expensive, especially if you are not available each week. Today we had five of us playing which was great, but there are two or three others who are in other teams too.”
Sophie added, “What has been particularly pleasing is the way that the younger players have been able to learn from playing with players who have previously played at quite a high level. It is less of a problem in the men’s game where players can have long playing careers moving back through the sides as they get older to help the younger ones. In the women’s game, players often play into their twenties then move away from the game, so to get them back in quickly is a real advantage”.
The Mums’ Membership allows players to pay only half their normal subscription fee providing their child is under the age of two. This reflects the fact that family life often dictates they can’t train and play every week.
If you are interested in joining Beeston Hockey Club as a Mum’s Member, please complete the ‘Join the Club’ section on the website and put in the notes that you are eligible for Mum’s Membership.