Bees representing England U21 in the Sultan of Johor Cup, left to right, Robbie Gleeson, Chris Proctor, Josh Pavis and Tom Sorsby – Photo c/o the Sultan of Johor!

England U21 men are in Malaysia at the moment taking part in the Sultan of Johor Cup. The team won their first game against Malaysia 3-1 with Chris Proctor managing to get his name on the scoresheet. The team were forced to a draw in their second game to Pakistan.
We managed to catch up with the Bees in Malaysia – Robbie Gleeson, Josh Pavis, Chris Proctor and Tom Sorsby.
What is your accommodation and food like? 
RG: It’s like a hotel, in fact it is a hotel.
CP: The food is okay, luckily there is a Nandos close by!
TS: The accommodation is nice, and the room has been enhanced with a lovely sweet smell after Proccy spilt a litre of chocolate milk a few days ago. The food is interesting to say the least, but on the whole very good.
What is the venue and pitch like?
RG: The venue is great. It’s a newly laid pitch with a massive stand…they could have done something about the changing rooms through…they’re not the best.
JP: The pitch plays quick. The quicker your out the Changing rooms the better…!
Who are you rooming with? 
RG: Nick Page, he’s a Loughborough lad so he’s delighted to have finally been able to pick up a win.
CP & TS: We’re sharing with each other. We’re currently taking Sheffield United to the Premier League on FIFA 17.
JP: Jack Turner, he’s a good player. I should have him signed for Beeston by the end of the week!
Are you following the Bees progress while your away?
RG: Of course! I was pleased to see Gleggy managed to get on the score sheet after his recent dry spell.
CP: Yes of course. Good to see Steavo grab his 1st goal for the club.
TS: I was refreshing the twitter feed vigorously in order to attempt to keep updated with the score on Sunday.
JP: Always
Has Josh Pavis realised he’s left his Osaka teddy bear in changing room 5? 
RG: I’ve been woken up by a sobbing Josh for the last 3 nights. Could someone please send it out ASAP?
TS: Josh has actually told me and I quote, “I’ve really struggled to sleep without it”.
JP: No comment, but please keep it safe.
Finally, the lads back home are asking where Chris Proctor’s girlfriend is this week as she might be lonely?
RG: I can confirm she’s been firmly superglued to her phone. Chris mentioned that they facetimed for 11 hours straight yesterday.
CP: She has a small bunny Rabbit called Bugs that keeps her company. She prefers him to me anyway.
We wish the lads all the best for their remaining matches in Malaysia and look forward to seeing them back on the pitch for the Bees on the 12th November at Surbiton at 2pm.
All the matches in the Sultan of Johor Cup can be viewed live by RTM on TV1 or TVi (Channel 180). You can also stream the games on rt. mobile or at