Beeston Hockey Club is delighted to announce a new membership scheme, aimed at helping new mothers stay involved in the sport. Following the success of the club’s Back to Hockey scheme designed to bring players back to the game who had not played for a number of years, Beeston Hockey Club have recognised the challenge facing new mothers, as they balance the needs of supporting their young family while still harbouring the desire to return to play some hockey and stay active soon after the arrival of their bundle of joy.
In order to reflect that new mothers may have significant constraints on their free time during the first 24 months of their child’s arrival, as well as the financial pressures this can bring, Beeston is launching a ‘New Mums’ Membership’ from the 2016-17 season onwards.
The New Mums’ Membership is open to any current or new members who have a child under the age of 2 years old on September 1st, 2016. New Mum Members would pay only half their normal subscription fee for that season, to reflect the fact that they would find it difficult to attend all of the training sessions during the season and may only be able to play in a limited number of games.
Returning member Jennie Ellison commented, “This scheme is a fantastic idea, and has been a key driver in helping me make up my mind to come back and play. I had many great years playing hockey at Beeston before stopping to become a mum, and I am really excited that I can now get back to playing on a part-time basis while still enjoying spending some time with my young boys.”
Emma King, who is also returning to play this year thanks to the New Mums’ Membership, said, “Hockey can be quite an expensive sport, so any help to support young parents I think is a fantastic idea. I have really missed the opportunity to be part of a hockey team these last couple of years, so I can’t wait to be able to get back into playing a little bit.”
For further information on this scheme, please email the treasurer, Adam Milsom, [email protected]
BHC New Mum's Membership