*NEW FOR THIS YEAR*. The Club has set up a new private lottery this season and there will be 4 draws across the course of the year. This is to raise money for the Men’s and Ladies’ 1st teams representing the club in the England Hockey Premier Divisions. The first draw will be in December 2020.

How does it work?

You buy a ticket for £5 a month over the course of the year, which enters you into the 100 Club. There will be 4 draws a year, and 3 winners for each draw. Half of the money will go to the first teams, the other half will be in the prize fund.Here’s what you could win: • 1st = 50% of quarterly prize fund • 2nd = 30% of quarterly prize fund • 3rd = 20% of quarterly prize fundThe prize gets bigger the more people enter, so please encourage your teammates to join the 100 Club!