The following individuals have been named as Vice-Presidents of Beeston Hockey Club for services to the Club. 

Roger Allen

David Bentley

Stephen Booth

John Bosworth

Stephen Brooks

Martin Burke

Martin Cattaway

John Chetwin

Ian Chisholm

Andrew Clarke

Nick Clarke

Pete Cranswick

Don Crossland

Chris Cullen

Paul Davis

Ryan Dawson

Bernard Diaper

Roger Downer

Simon Downer

Annie Earley

Peter Fenton

Richard Flisher

Alan Foster

Jed Gisborne

Margaret Gotheridge

Martin Gotheridge

David Griffiths

Graham Griffiths

Nansi Hannah

Jane Hardwicke

Nat Hardwicke

Eileen Hartley

John Hayes

James Hopkisson

Wally Huckle

Peter Jacks

Ken James

Ray Jones

Zak Jones

Judith Keeling

Martin Keeling

Neil Kelso

Richard Kirk

Peter Latter

Adrian Lawson

Jill Lees

Peter Leigh

Steve LeMottee

John Marshall

James McBlane

Rob Morris

Steve Musson

Brian Newing 

Chris Orme

Jerry Pattendon

Adrian Potter

Andy Roberts

Michael Rowan

John Ruben

Peter Shuttleworth

Andy Smith

Richard Stamp

Ian Sutton

Keith Taylor

Jim Tew

Steve Thompson

John Turk

Martin Twist

Jancis Walker

Deni Whitehead

Colin Wightman

Stephen Wood

Phil Woodward

Paul Willars

Liz Williams


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